Client Testimonials

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President's Message

"I never thought I had the will power to change my diet or to begin regular exercise. In fact, I used to make fun of people who eat like I do now. Crosswhite Fitness had the perfect plan for me. The trainers at Crosswhite Fitness work at a pace that is comfortable for the client. By not pushing too hard and insisting on radical and instant changes in lifestyle, Ben Crosswhite encouraged me to gradually change my habits. He is extremely knowledgeable and has great workouts for us that are safe, challenging and effective. Now, I enjoy perfect health and I sincerely believe that no other method would have worked for me. I lost over 75 pounds in two years and then added back about ten pounds of muscle without increasing my waist measurement at all. I highly recommend Crosswhite Fitness to everyone I meet."

Jerry Falwell, Jr. - President, Liberty University


Scott Bullman

“6 years ago, I walked into Crosswhite Fitness...427 lbs and desperate. Through clean eating, dedicated workouts and determination, I lost 215 lbs in two years, literally becoming half the man I used to be. Ive kept the weight off for four years. Scott says, “I’m forever grateful for the difference Ben Crosswhite and his team has made in my life. I’ve not only added years to my life...I’ve added life to my years.”


Individual Attention from Across the Country

"Having competed in beauty pageants from Miss Alaska to Miss USA for about five years, fitness has become central to my life. Maintaining fitness is not easy, and it definitely requires a lot of work and dedication. I am so pleased with Ben's method, however, because he gave me the tools I needed to take charge of my fitness.

Rather than simply going through the motions of exercise and guessing about diet, I can make educated decisions based on Ben's personal plans, helping me look and feel my best. Ben's style is extremely individual: the regimen he gave me is tailored to my own specific needs and goals. For example, due to the complete reconstructive knee surgery I received several years ago, toning my legs has always presented challenges. Ben took the time to address the workout requirements and dietary combinations which would help me burn fat and develop muscle while maintaining the safety and comfort of my knee.

Despite living as far away as Alaska, I have still received the individual attention and information which has led to amazing results! Thank you Ben for all of your guidance!"

Jessica Chuckran - Miss Alaska USA 2011


Lindsey Perkins

“I cannot say enough great things about Crosswhite Fitness - the wonderful staff, the sense of community and the results!! All of it has changed my life for the better. After weight gain from two pregnancies, I had almost given up on ever losing the weight. After I started at Crosswhite, changes came immediately. They fully invest in my children’s lives as well through their children’s ministry. I’m down 50 lbs and still working towards my goal. I’m definitely much stronger and feel great!”


Spencer Middleton

“In sixth grade when I didn’t make the soccer team something just clicked in my brain that I needed to lose weight. My first summer I started kids bootcamps and training with Melody Hicks I lost about 15 pounds but I didn’t stop. I kept pushing myself, along with her training and by the end of my 7th grade school year I was down 40 pounds. I finally reached my dream weight. I am now a freshman in high school, incredibly grateful for Crosswhite and have been a soccer captain for my school. Dreams do come true.”


Doctor's Orders

"Last winter was the toughest for my wife and I to maintain our desired weight and level of fitness so we vowed this past fall to take some proactive steps. A friend recommended Ben to help us out as a trainer. My goal, as a trail runner, was to improve my cardio and overall strength. My wife wanted to improve her overall fitness while targeting some weight reduction. Ben was excellent to work with as he not only tailored our workouts according to our goals but incorporated some very useful tips about our diet. His approach in using a variety of exercises made the workouts interesting and the time pass quickly. Within a few weeks we were feeling better and more energized. By New Years we had achieved our goals and felt more fit than we had been in a very long time. Ben's encouragement and training was a real blessing to us and something that will help us in continuing to maintain through the coming years."

Darin K. Bowers, MD - Lynchburg, VA


Romans 5:2

"This past year I received a wake up call through my medical Doctor when he told me I was now pre-diabetic, which was added to my previous medical issues of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. My mother's death at the age of 76 was caused from complications of diabetes and heart disease.

As I grew older, I knew I was approaching the age of my mother when she was first diagnosed with diabetes and that I needed to make a major change in my life. My two children had started a personal training program of exercise and healthy eating with Ben Crosswhite at Crosswhite Fitness and had experienced great success with weight loss and had improved their overall health and strength. Their examples convinced me that I had to go check it out.

My life change began when my husband and I walked in the door of Crosswhite Fitness for our consultation with Ben. I told him that my main goal was to lose weight and go off all my medicines. This change was not only a physical journey for me, but a spiritual journey as well. As a Christian and a minister's wife, I knew that God wanted what was best for me and so I surrendered a lifestyle of unhealthy eating and trusted God to help me become what He wanted me to be in order to bring Him glory: "Because of our faith, (God) has brought us into this place of highest privilege where we now stand and we confidently and joyfully look forward to actually becoming all that God has had in mind for us to be." (Rom. 5:2).

Ben Crosswhite has established an environment at Crosswhite Fitness wherein you realize that they care about helping you reach your fitness goals, they never give up on you, and they emphasize that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Ben and his team of trainers have God-given talents and ministries to motivate others to become their best physically. In one particular workout session with Ben, he asked me to do an exercise which I thought was impossible for me and so I looked at him and said, 'Ben, you do realize that I am 55 years old?' To which he replied, 'And that is what we are trying to reverse!' I can now honestly say I feel 20 years younger. After six months of Ben's eating and exercise plan, I am happy to say that after losing 45 pounds, I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, nor am I pre-diabetic! I'm off the medicines! You are never too old to change your life! I highly recommend Crosswhite Fitness!

Ben is a talented and smart personal trainer with knowledge and wisdom above his years. He not only writes individualized programs that address the muscular imbalances and goals of his clients but also takes the time to design a detailed nutrition guide.

Jessie I.

Trish Hicks - Tricia and Don Hicks are presently serving the congregation at First Baptist Church, Charlottesville, VA, where Don is Senior Pastor.


Coach's Perspectives

"Ben has asked me for a recommendation and I do so enthusiastically. I am President and majority stock holder in my company. For more than 24 years my company provided services for some of the major industries and banks from Lynchburg to Richmond with 350 employees. I am now 67 years old and semi-retired. Last year I began having major problems with my left knee and the pain was so bad I had to have a complete knee replacement. I knew I needed to get into better physical shape before going thru this process.

Ben was asked by a friend to call me and the results were outstanding. One word that comes to mind when you first meet him is he is a professional. He is knowledgeable in all areas of physiology and is able to customize workouts for your needs whether it be strength training, flexibility, weight loss or rehabilitation. He works well with all ages and abilities, listens to your needs and is demanding yet supportive. He is able to vary routines with different exercises so your time spent never becomes dull or predictable.

He has done wonders working with me and each time I left the gym I was in less pain than when I arrived. After my surgery I was up and walking down the hall the same day. After a week at the Summit I was walking down the sidewalk and after 3 months I was back playing tennis. Dr. Caprise was amazed with my progress and this was a result of having Ben prepare me for this surgery in advance."

Phyllis Hight - President, Interstate Janitorial, Inc. & Liberty Christian Academy Girls Tennis Coach


Post Pro Hoops

"With the demands of being a husband, father, PhD student and business owner, I had gained weight and lost fitness. I tried a few programs, including weight watchers and p90x. I needed something sustainable. Crosswhite Fitness gave me the hope and program I needed. Ben and the team of trainers are skilled, committed and exceptionally attentive to my progress. Crosswhite helped renew my life!"

Mike Anderson


Full Body Overhaul

"My initial motivation for coming to Ben was to achieve core strength and increase muscle development that I have not been able to achieve since I was in my 20's. Ben not only helped me reach muscle development goals beyond my expectation, but he also challenged my way of thinking, eating and exercising. Ben endorses a complete overhaul regarding the mindset of HOW to fuel the body. I have come to trust Ben. He is extremely knowledgeable and lives by example. I look forward to each workout. I love knowing that Ben is going to challenge and drive me. Yet, he is always encouraging and motivating along the way.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my workout is that my wife and I have approached our workouts with Ben as a team. Ben works us both out together, simultaneously guiding workouts for me and her at the same time. I began, with my wife, to "overhaul" our decisions about how we feed/treat our body. -90 days later, with following Ben's instruction (even when I didn't want to and maybe questioned him), I am in the best shape of my life. I was a D1 athlete (yes a cheerleader for 2 years) and I will say that I am in better shape now--both physically and mentally-and I feel better at 41 than when I was in college.

Everyone wants a quick fix - but I finally took it upon myself to treat the body God gave me with respect --- eating, exercising, training and (Ben) accountability has made all the difference.

My wife of 18 years looks and feels better than she ever has -- in fact we have 4 children and the 2 oldest (13 and 15) have been training with Ben 2x a week at 6:30 am and they have made huge improvement in their strength, core development and flexibility.

So the challenge my wife and I made for ourselves--- there is no better time than now to make a difference!.

Chris Johnson - Senior Vice President of Enroll Management, Liberty University


Practice what you Preach

"Ben is a talented and smart personal trainer with knowledge and wisdom above his years. He not only writes individualized programs that address the muscular imbalances and goals of his clients but also takes the time to design a detailed nutrition guide. These combined efforts help his clients reach their goals at an accelerated rate. Ben's educational background in Biology has helped him learn the metabolic intricacies of the body and how to properly manipulate them to achieve a specific goal. The results of his clients speak for themselves. Ben 'practices what he preaches' and has learned from his own development of fitness the best techniques and skills to achieve success.".

Jesse Irizarry - Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Next Level Strength Training


Partnership for Health

"Every day in life we make choices. Some good, some bad-this past year I chose to get in shape and lose weight. I knew that would require an investment of both time and money. To accomplish this goal, I would need someone to teach/educate me, keep me motivated and monitor my progress.

After much research, I finally decided to find a personal trainer. With reservations and anxiousness I found Ben Crosswhite. From out first meeting together, I realized a partnership between Ben and myself. As our workouts continued, it became clear that his entire focus is on you - the client. When arriving for my next workout, Ben always wants to know what has happened in between and where I am sore or how I feel. From there, he quickly reevaluates my routine for that day. My routines are always different and he continually introduces new exercises while explaining its purpose. Ben takes the time to know and understand you as a client. He has monitored my meals and weight to help me reach my target. He spent time knowing me as a person, to provide the right direction and motivation.

If you are seeking a trainer that has the knowledge, is willing to educate their client and care about you personally-then Ben will not disappoint. Ben brings energy, wisdom and passion that drives results and brings out the best in you-the client. Workouts are challenging but realistic-but accomplishing your results."

John Smith - Lynchburg, Virginia


Steps for Healthier Living

"This program was perfectly composed. The intimidation of beginning a new workout plan was completely eliminated. Having a step by step tutorial on what to eat and how to workout properly made getting into a healthier lifestyle so simple. Not only did I learn what to do but why it works. Thanks for all of your help Ben!"

Kaitlyn Davis - Miss Wyoming USA 2011


"... In my Squadron There is a Warrior."

"Several months ago I found a flyer for the services of a personal trainer. I had been trying to loss a few pounds and get a little better fit so a figure I would give Ben Crosswhite a little trial run. Little did I know that what I had done is recruit a passionate, knowledgeable professional. I have been pushed farther that I could ever imagine pushing myself with a great deal of empathy and compassion. Ben has the magnificent talent of knowing when to push me and when to let go a little. He is determined to help me succeed on my fitness journey in spite of my skepticism and fears. He has educated me, motivated me, and supported me in my quest for healthier living. Health and fitness is a battle, in my squadron there is a warrior."

Flor Midkiff


Expect Results

"Since August of 2011, I have been working with Ben on getting into better shape and loosing excess weight. With his support I have lost over 60 pounds within these six months and feel great! Ben has been a great motivator and his program of bootcamps, one-on-one training and diet advice work. If you are willing to do the work and stick with it, Ben can get you the results."

Steve Justice - Lynchburg, Virginia


Pleased with Results

"I was interested in selecting a trainer to help me get back in shape, I met with a few, discussed my issues but the fit was not there. In conversation a friend referred Ben, we met and I have been a client since May of 2013. Ben encourages me to strive for better health and fitness, always pushing me to "do better". I am very pleased with his expertise and professionalism, I chose a trainer who is knowledgeable and has a great attitude. I am pleased with my results and look forward to continually working with Ben to meet my fitness goals."



"We Feel Amazing!"

"I am 41 years old and have been training at Crosswhite Fitness for about 9 months along with my 17 year old daughter. I heard about Crosswhite Fitness from a good friend of mine and her husband who have been long time clients. They both are in the best shape of their life and it inspired me to want the same thing for my family. Our family had joined a local gym and had been working out for about a year but we needed something more. It was a little overwhelming and we were not seeing the results that we had anticipated. We made an appointment with Ben and I was amazed that he didn't charge for the consultation. He had great patience with us as we shared our concerns and our goals. He put together a nutrition and exercise plan that gave us a guide of what to do and expect. I had no idea that this would be a big part of our transformation. We later realized why Ben spent so much time on our consultation.

Ben schedules us two or three hours of training with him each week and during the workouts he not only teaches, but explains the reasons for correct form. He challenges us to push our limits. On the days that we don't meet with him, he has a cardio plan for us to do at home. Within the first month of training with him we lost several pounds and inches! We feel amazing! And love the changes we see in our bodies! We are stronger, healthier and happier! I love that Ben is not only an amazing trainer but that he really cares about your health and is always encouraging our family to eat healthy and to stay active. He has inspired us to do fun family activities like hiking and biking on weekends. His famous words are "If man made it, don't eat it." Simple truth but huge results! Ben loves the Lord and bases his work on the Word of God. He is a true champion for Christ. We are thankful for him and how he has changed our lives forever. "

Susan Cambeletta - Lynchburg, Virginia


Trainer & Mentor

"My son Ian is a 12-year old tennis player who needed some intervention to take his tennis game to a higher level. Ben works diligently on customizing his training according to his specific needs. He has helped Ian with flexibility, strengthening and injury prevention. Ben has added a whole new dimension to Ian's fitness. He works him extremely hard but Ian always wants to go back for more. Not only has he helped Ian physically, but he has been a great mentor for him as well."

Anne Sturgill - Lynchburg, Virginia


Constant Encouragement

"Making the choice to become fit and healthy with Ben Crosswhite as your trainer will prove to be one of the best and easiest decisions you can make. I came to Ben because I was lacking self motivation, and I've stayed with Ben because of the results. He will push you on the days you feel great, and encourage you on those days you'd rather nap. Ben's knowledge and attitude of health and fitness is exceptional. If you are considering a life style change, or just taking your fitness goals to the next level, I would highly recommend Crosswhite Fitness."

Julie Frost - Lynchburg, Virginia


Bigger, Faster, Stronger

"Ben is a very knowledgeable and great strength coach. His workouts pushed me to the limit making me bigger, faster, and stronger. Not only did he design specific workouts to reach my goals but implemented in depth nutrition plans as well. When it was time for Pro Day, I felt like I was on the level needed to compete with everyone else on the field. Thanks for the help Ben!"

Soeren Wendland - Captain, Liberty University Football Team


Counting the Benefits

"I'm a 55 year-old college professor, and Ben Crosswhite has been my personal trainer for over a year.

I play tennis, but was injured before Ben started working with me, and for the first few months, I was not able to play. Ben worked with me, and during my time in physical therapy, with my physical therapist, helped to design a training regimen that I was able to do while recovering from my injury. We progressed through that period and then Ben focused me on strength and conditioning, but all the while, being cautious to avoid re-injury. During my workouts, Ben was always watching to make sure that I was doing the various exercises properly, to maximize the benefit from the work and to keep me safe. Eventually, I improved to the point where we were able to accelerate my training and Ben developed a new program which was much more aggressive, but still safe for me to attempt.

Also, Ben is an outstanding person, with very high ethical values. He is diligent about his work, and truly gives his best effort to my success each time that I am in the gym. On several occasions, our workouts have been 'observed' by prospective trainers/Kinesiology students working on their individual practicums. I believe that the fact that Ben is used as a role model for others speaks to his own level of competency. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer!"

Keith Wargo, CPA - Associate Dean, Liberty University School of Business


Ben is a talented and smart personal trainer with knowledge and wisdom above his years. He not only writes individualized programs that address the muscular imbalances and goals of his clients but also takes the time to design a detailed nutrition guide.

Jessie I.


Since August of 2011, I have been working with Ben on getting into better shape and loosing excess weight. With his support I have lost over 60 pounds within these six months and feel great! Ben has been a great motivator and his program of bootcamps, one-on-one training and diet advice work. If you are willing to do the work and stick with it, Ben can get you the results.

Steve J. - Lynchburg, VA