Top 5 Fat Loss Tips from a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer and fitness expert, I see client after client seeking to lose weight and fat in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Everyone knows this is no easy task. However, here are my top 5 tips to help you achieve your fat loss goals! 

fat loss pic.jpg

1. Combine muscle groups in an exercise to burn more calories:  The bigger the muscle you work, the more calories that will be burned.  So combining multiple muscle groups is like working one giant muscle burning much more calories.  Try implementing kettle bell swings, clean press or dead lifts.  

2. Do high intensity interval training instead of a consistent pace:  Studies have shown that sprinting and walking a mile compared to jogging a mile will burn much more calories at the same distance.  Don't waste your time and pick up the pace.

3. Eat more consistently throughout the day:  Eating smaller and more frequent meals during the day has been shown to raise metabolism over time.  This is not a myth.  If your body continually gets calories then it decides there is no reason to store some for later.  Having the same caloric intake but only through two or three meals tells your body that it's not sure when the next meal will be so storing mode (slower metabolism) gets turned on.  

4.  Leave carbs to a minimum:  Carbohydrates are the first source of energy for your body.  It's even the first source for your brain and nervous system.  However, only small amounts are needed for them to function and you can even function off other sources such as protein and fat when carbs are not present.  Try eating carbs less often such as in the mornings and before your workout when you really need the energy.  Also try filling in protein where the carbs used to be.  You will begin to fill fuller for longer without a bloating effect.  

5.  Do weight training at least 2 times per week:  Unlike the treadmill, working out with resistance such as weights will raise your basal metabolic rate for longer periods of time.  You only burn the calories when running on a treadmill during the run, but with weights you will be burning a higher calorie rate up to 36 hours later some studies have shown.  If you still want a good cardio workout just take less time between sets while adding more reps.