4 Tips for Staying Healthy this Summer

The summer is finally here! This means the kids are out of school, everyone is having parties, and you’re probably traveling more than you’re home. While this is often an exciting and busy time for people, it can also be a challenging time to keep up the healthy routines created during the rest of the year. However, taking two or three months off to eat freely or to exercise irregularly can be a big set back for people working really hard to achieve their goals. But if you’re up early in the morning taking your kids to tennis camp, then you’re headed to Bailey’s pool party, and then you’re packing to leave for Florida, how can you find the time to plan for and make healthy dinners, let alone fit in time to workout?? It’s a common struggle and one that can’t be completely avoided. However, here are some tips to keep you working toward your goal while still allowing for some balance and fun!

  1. Control the meals you can control. Most likely, the fun isn’t starting at 7am. This means you can take time to make yourself a quick breakfast that will keep you full for a while and fill you with the healthy nutrients that you need. Maybe you’ve been drinking shakes, maybe you’ve been making scrambled eggs, whatever it is you’ve been doing, you can probably replicate it wherever you are. Maybe this means a little preparation on your part, which means a little time. But you have to consider your goals and work hard to achieve them. 
  2. Exercise when and where you can (or at least stay active). Maybe it’s fitting in a 30 minute workout at home before the kids wake up, maybe it’s taking the family for a two mile walk after the heat of the afternoon passes, maybe it’s going for a run while your kid’s taking a tennis lesson, maybe it’s going for a family bike ride, maybe it’s calf raises while you’re cooking, maybe it’s walking during your lunch break, you get the point. While you might not be able to target as many muscles or burn as many calories as you would working out in the gym with a trainer, you will still be burning more calories than you would sitting on the couch. You’re still getting your heart beating a little faster, keeping your joints moving, getting blood flowing. The human body is one of the few machines that improves the more you use it. So use it. 
  3. Drink water, water, and more water. I’m sure by now you’ve already heard this one, and you know you’d be healthier and feel better if you drank more water. BUT this can be really important over the summer. First, it is extremely hot all day which leads to more sweating and a loss of water and electrolytes. So replenishing your water supply is necessary for proper function of your body and to avoid headaches, muscle cramps, etc. But another huge benefit of an increase in water consumption is that you’ll be less hungry. So you may be less tempted to reach into that bag of M&M’s sitting out at the barbecue. This can also help reduce bloating if you do happen to consume too much food. Overall, drink your water people. 
  4. Enjoy the unhealthy foods in moderation. It can be a tendency for some to restrict so much that they end up feeling extremely defeated and unhappy, which leads them to binge on alllll the foods at the barbecue. Depending on the person and their previous eating habits, this spiral can be a hard one to escape and could lead to other destructive eating patterns. Instead, go into parties or restaurants with a game plan. Fill up on salad and fruit and healthy snacks. Then, if everyone is going out for ice cream, don’t panic and dread it because you know you won’t be able to enjoy it with everyone else. Instead, go and happily eat a delicious, small ice cream. You’ll probably find that you didn’t need much to satisfy that sweet tooth in the first place. 

Hopefully you find these four tips helpful and can modify them to suit your own needs during this busy summer. Remember, your goals are within reach and will only come from hard work. But it’s also important to enjoy balance and barbecues. If you have any questions, reach out to us here at Crosswhite Athletic Club or comment below!